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    Fazoli’s Celebrates National Hug a News Anchor Day

  • Industry News April 3, 2012

    With all the bad news to report day in and day out, it's nice to have some good news to talk about. Especially if you're a news anchor and the good news is about you. 

    This Wednesday, April 4, is National Hug a News Anchor Day, and Fazoli's is celebrating this obscure and often forgotten holiday with Italian food and free hugs for news anchors. 

    Tony the Tomato, Fazoli's mascot, will be making the rounds at television stations in participating markets across the country. In some markets, Fazoli’s area managers will aid Tony’s efforts. In either case, Fazoli's will be bringing plenty of hugs, breadsticks, and fresh entrees to the stations.

    Cathy Hull, Fazoli's chief marketing officer, believes everyone can benefit from some good news. 

    "With plenty of stories on political unrest and economic instability, it's great to talk about families, big and small, enjoying a delicious meal that won't break the budget," Hull says. "Add in a hug from a lovable tomato character, and you have a story that will have viewers smiling."

    Fazoli's recently announced news of its own. The restaurant has enhanced its dining room service that includes a fresh new decor, bringing food to tables, and using real plates and forks. These enhancements, along with unlimited breadsticks and a fresh new menu offering, have created a whole new Fazoli's.