Fazoli’s introduced a fresh new restaurant design in its hometown with plans to bring the new look to fans at every location across the country.

The new modern design with communal seating is a nod to the family-friendly atmosphere Fazoli’s is known for. The new design also includes artwork that highlights the brand’s “made to order” and “made to share” philosophy, along with fresh ingredient cues emphasized by features like Fazoli’s signature red tomato, which greets guests right when they step through the doors. Every detail, down to the color scheme and rich wood tones, is a nod to the quality and innovation that fans have come to expect from the iconic brand. The new look also includes technology additions with new self-ordering Kiosks and a pickup counter for mobile app and online orders.

“Our new restaurant design was built to showcase our premium menu and highlight the quality that comes from fresh ingredients made to order,” says president and CEO Carl Howard. “As a best-in-class brand, we’re dedicated to enhancing our guests’ experiences by offering variety, value and convenience. Our new remodel strategy is only the beginning.”

The brand is developing two new smaller double drive-thru prototype designs – a new 2,200-square-foot double drive-thru and the option of a larger 2,500-square-foot prototype. These two new building options go along with the traditional 2,500-, 2,800- and 3,300-square-foot facilities being built today.

”Our two new double drive-thru prototype designs are the next piece of the value equation for the Fazoli’s brand,” Howard says. “We are focused on adding a friction-free experience and enhanced convenience for our guests, while reducing startup costs for our franchisees. The new prototype and remodel package will ensure that we remain a vibrant brand for years to come.”

With this new round of upgrades complete, Fazoli’s has a goal of completing a total system remodel by the end of 2021. With remodeled locations seeing close to an 11 percent sales and 9 percent traffic lift, turnover dropping by 11.6 percent, staffing up 6.4 percent and an increase in guest review scores, Fazoli’s franchisees are on board. The Fazoli’s team has worked tirelessly to bring down the current remodel expenditure, and it’s now 75 percent less than where it started in 2016, which is significantly below what Fazoli’s competitors are spending, and the results are unrivaled.

Fazoli’s believes the new prototypes and brand refresh will be a game changer for potential franchisees looking to join a relevant brand with staying power. With Fazoli’s new look boosting sales, now is the time to join the Fazoli’s family. The brand is offering an impressive incentive plan to sweeten the deal for potential franchisees with a guaranteed savings of at least $125,000 for those developing at least three locations. Franchisees developing more than five locations will save more than $200,000.

“We’ve been a leader in the industry for more than 30 years, and there’s a reason for that,” Howard says. “Our commitment to quality and delivering an unmatched experience keeps us on top. We’re just getting started.”

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