As a renowned brand that’s committed to creating a menu that offers something for everyone,  Fazolis  is making it easier than ever for all guests to easily and confidently select the right craveable Italian dish with the help of its new partner – CertiStar.

In an effort to provide a simpler and more reliable approach to accommodating special diets, CertiStar has taken food industry and food allergy data and matched it with smart technology to create an easy-to-use web platform that helps restaurants manage their menus, recipes and inventory.

Now, Fazoli’s online and dine-in menus include CertiStar’s features. Guests can view an innovative and fully interactive menu that helps them find items that fit their dietary and allergy needs.

“Fazoli’s has always shared nutritional and allergy information with guests,” says Director of Culinary Innovation Rick Petralia. “We decided to partner with CertiStar to take this process to the next level and give our guests even more transparency in selecting their foods. While our previous method served its purpose, it didn’t give guests the opportunity to discover menu options that would work for their allergies outside of the eight major allergens. Fazoli’s has so many delicious offerings that cater to different lifestyle and dietary preferences, and we want our guests to be able to explore all of those options and feel assured in their selection. With CertiStar, Fazoli’s will truly be meeting the needs of all of our guests.” 

“Many people suffer from food allergies, so CertiStar is on a mission to protect and improve the safety and dining experience of those who struggle with dietary restrictions,” says CertiStar President and CEO Shandee Chernow. “No matter where food is prepared or served, we want your customers to enjoy dining out, and for your staff to serve those guests with confidence. With more than 10% of Americans vulnerable to food allergies, restaurants like Fazoli’s are remaining ahead of the culinary curve by using the technology available to ensure allergen friendly choices alongside continued menu innovation.”

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