After a 30-year career as a Del Taco executive, Arnold Dominguez is starting a new brand whose name is based on a sauce with chili and spices that Dominguez developed. Dominguez plans to launch Feisty Chicken & Grill on April 7, 2013. 

Feisty Chicken & Grill will occupy Oporto restaurants located at: 8220 Haven Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730; 4295 Concours, Ontario, California 91764; and 1311 S. Grand Ave., Glendora, California 91740.
Having worked in the fast food industry, Dominguez became aware of various ways some foods are marketed to the general public. His concern is for the quality and taste of the product and making sure that the food he serves is fresh.  
“Many restaurants sell chicken – but frequently the chicken is processed from other parts, frozen and/or bleached,” says Dominguez. 
Dominguez marinates the chicken in a secret recipe sauce and flame grills it. The result is a tender flavor.  
“We fire grill almost all of our chicken dishes, providing a healthier way of cooking," says Dominguez. 
The only chicken item on the menu that is fried are the Big Bites – discs of chicken with dipping sauces. 
The menu has several chicken breast sandwiches along with wraps; salads; chopped chicken bowls; whole chicken; family meals; and party packs. The Feisty Leg is a drumstick accompanied by the Feisty Sauce.
Feisty has four sauces ranging from the Feisty – creamy meets chili with an “edge”, Sassy – a sweet yet tangy taste; Zesty – citrus and herbs; and BBQ-Y – the bold taste of barbecue. 
Feisty Chicken & Grill also serves grilled beef burgers topped with caramelized onions, lettuce, and tomato. For vegetarians, there is a Veggie Burger. To accompany the chicken breasts, burgers, and other dishes, Feisty Chicken & Grill will offer sweet potato waffle fries, onion rings made from diced onions, black beans and rice, as well as French fries. 
There is a children’s menu Dominguez has named “PEEPS,” consisting of a choice of Feisty Legs, Big Bites, or Burger.
Feisty Chicken & Grill will offer catering and fundraising opportunities for local schools and organizations.
Dominguez hopes to build Feisty Chicken & Grill into a sizable chain of Southern California restaurants.
“We train our staff to be friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. We will deliver a dining experience that offers our customer’s fresh, great-tasting food, prepared to order, at a fair price. When this happens we are sure to turn satisfied customers into loyal ones,” Dominguez says. 
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