FETCO, a coffee grinding, brewing, and serving equipment provider, is debuting of an online feature called “Ask The Expert” at FETCO.com. Shane Blais, FETCO’s director of corporate training, will be featured in short video clips answering technical questions from clients and service technicians.

“FETCO’s Web site is a technical educational resource that we are extremely proud of because it serves as a center where customers can get their questions answered day or night”, says Shane Blais. “Our first Ask The Expert video explains the difference between our metal spray plate and our new cascading spray dome. Customers can email questions to AskTheExpert@fetco.com and I will answer their questions in future video clips. It is just another way we are accessible for our clients.”

Krista Reddington, FETCO’s senior marketing director says, “Our clients and service technicians can rely on the latest information on anything from equipment specs, how to operate our equipment, how to service our equipment and coffee basics through a variety options on our web site. We have podcasts, webinars, user’s guides, troubleshooting guides and now Ask The Expert videos that provide information and solutions for our customers. Ask The Expert specifically targets the needs of our customers because they control the topics that will be discussed.”

FETCO’s Web site also includes information on products, the company, tradeshows, new products, and a service agent directory.

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