FiberGel Technologies, a
subsidiary of Circle Group Holdings, announced today the launching
of Z-Trim Plus, a new Z-Trim product line formulated to make specific high fat
foods healthier for the institutional and food service markets.

The new line adds functional food ingredients such as Omega 3 fatty acids,
anti-oxidants, as well as both soluble and insoluble fiber, and other
ingredients essential to healthy eating, while reducing calories from fat up
to 50 percent.

Each Z-Trim Plus product is flavor-designed for a specific food
application such as margarine & butter, mayonnaise, sour cream, cream cheese
and others, and is currently being tested to address childhood obesity and
help satisfy requirements of the Federal School Meals program.

“Z-Trim Plus answers the call not only for fat reduction, but for all the
health benefits, cost considerations, ease-of-use and functionality sought in
food formulations today,” said Rick Harris, vice president of sales and
marketing for FiberGel Technologies, Incorporated.