Fingermark Supersonic is now Chrome Enterprise Recommended, meaning this solution has met the highest quality assurance standards of Google’s engineering team. Fingermark & Google ChromeOS look to continue to expand their partnership and grow business opportunities in the US and globally. 

As a leading innovator in digital solutions, Fingermark announced its recent designation of their Supersonic solution as Chrome Enterprise Recommended. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in Fingermark’s commitment to delivering industry-leading solutions for businesses seeking secure and efficient digital experiences throughout their restaurants. Chrome Enterprise Recommended status is awarded to solution partners who meet Google’s stringent criteria for quality, performance, and security. This validation underscores Fingermark’s dedication to providing enterprise-grade solutions that seamlessly integrate with the ChromeOS ecosystem, ensuring businesses have access to a reliable and optimized digital platform. 

“We are thrilled to be recognized as Chrome Enterprise Recommended,” said Luke Irving, Founder and CEO at Fingermark. “This certification reaffirms our commitment to delivering high-quality, secure, and scalable digital solutions that empower QSRs to thrive in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving digital landscape.” 

Fingermark will work closely with Google to enhance the compatibility and performance of its digital solutions with ChromeOS devices. This collaboration aims to streamline implementation processes, improve system reliability, and provide businesses with a seamless and integrated digital experience. 

Key benefits of Fingermark Supersonic becoming Chrome Enterprise Recommended include: Enhanced Security: 

Fingermark Supersonic has to met the rigorous security standards set by Google, ensuring the protection of sensitive business data and information. 

Optimized Performance: 

Through collaboration with Google, Fingermark Supersonic has fine-tuned its digital platform to deliver optimal performance using ChromeOS devices, providing businesses with a smooth and efficient user experience. 

Streamlined Implementation: 

Restaurants are able to deploy Fingermark Supersonic solution seamlessly on ChromeOS devices, reducing implementation times and minimizing disruptions to daily operations. 

Future-Ready Innovation: 

As a Chrome Enterprise Recommended partner Fingermark will continue to 

collaborate with Google to stay at the forefront of digital innovation, ensuring that customers benefit from the latest advancements in technology. 

Fingermark invites QSR’s to explore the possibilities of its Chrome Enterprise Recommended solutions, designed to elevate digital experiences and drive success in the modern business landscape. 

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