Locally owned and operated fast casual Fired Pie announces the opening of their tenth location at Scottsdale Fashion Square in Arizona. Fired Pie’s attention to fresh ingredients and great customer service has helped them carve their own piece of the pie in this competitive food market.

“We are excited to continue growing here in the Valley,” says Fred Morgan, one of the restaurant’s three founders. “We carefully consider every space we open and have no plans of slowing down.”

With nine locations valley-wide and one in Tucson, Arizona, Fired Pie will open four more restaurants before the end of the year.

“We are responding to the demands of the customers,” says co-founder Doug Doyle. “Every day we hear from people who want another location closer to them.” 

Fired Pie allows you to take on the role of chef by picking and choosing your own type of dough, sauce, and toppings. The pizzeria also offers build-your-own salads. The concept behind the restaurant was born from the minds of Morgan, Doyle, and Rico Cuomo. The trio worked together for more than 15 years, rising through the ranks of different restaurant concepts. They found themselves brainstorming about the art of making a great pizza pie: dough, sauce, cheese, fresh herbs, meats, and sourcing local and organic ingredients.

“In the past pizza was about calling in your order and waiting 15 or 20 minutes before you went and picked it up or had it delivered,” Cuomo says. “That’s not the case anymore. People want their pizzas completely customizable in as little as four minutes.”



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