In 2015, Christopher Berman opened the first Firestorm Pizza in Winston-Salem. Since then, he has opened stores in Mooresville, North Carolina, in 2016 and in Charlotte in 2017. Chris wanted to revolutionize the way people view pizzerias and he has done just that.

At Firestorm, guests see their food being made from beginning to end. No more wondering who handled your food or where it came from. Customers walk down a line of over 30 ingredients and choose exactly what they want on their pizzas. The restaurant offers four kinds of crust; classic, thick crust, whole wheat and gluten free. You can even customize the base sauce of your pizza selecting from five sauces; classic, spicy, BBQ, pesto, or Alfredo.

At traditional pizzerias, it takes 10—20 minutes to receive your typically greasy food. To change this, Firestorm has a 515-degree oven that allows the pizza to be cooked in less than three minutes. Firestorm offers personal, totally customizable pizzas. Families no longer have to debate what goes on their shared pizza. At Firestorm, everyone can have their own and they can customize it the way they like it. 

Firestorm Pizza is the only restaurant within over 100-mile radius from Charlotte that has a self-serve beer wall. Guests can pour their own beer straight from our taps. Beer is tracked by the ounce, which means that our guests can taste over a dozen beers and only pay for the sip they pour before settling on the one they like. Only want half a beer? That’s OK, too. You only pay for what you pour. No more waiting for service at a bar while the bartender flirts with the cute girl four seats away. Firestorm offers quick, personalized service. Guests can see what beers Firestorm has on tap by downloading the UnTappd app on their smartphone.

When building Firestorm the company kept families in mind. Being a father of five, Chris knows how stressful it can be to take a child into an unsanitary restaurant, especially unsanitary restrooms. Firestorms restrooms have automatic toilet seat covers to ensure 100 percent sanitation. Upon entering, you wave your hand in front of a button and the system automatically applies a fresh, new toilet seat cover. By the door, Firestorm has sanitary napkins used for opening the door after hands have already been washed.

To help serve the community, Firestorm also hosts fundraisers for worthy causes. The Mooresville location has hosted three school fundraisers in the past month. One of which was for fourth grader Bailey Kay who had an unexpected brain aneurysm. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the evening went to Bailey’s family to help offset medical costs. Have a great cause? Contact kellyb@firestormpizza.comto set up a fundraiser.

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