First Data, one of the global leaders in payment technology and services solutions, unveiled Clover Mobile, a powerful new mobile point-of-sale (POS) business solution that brings new flexibility and versatility to the Clover family. Clover Mobile enables more personal consumer engagement for innovative small- to mid-sized businesses by taking the functionality of the popular Clover Station off the counter and on to the floor.

Armed with Clover Mobile, merchants can place orders, take secure payments, scan inventory, clock in employees, sync sales data with their accounting packages, and generate marketing insights that can lead to stronger, enduring customer relationships, all with a portable, tablet-sized device. This means restaurants can accept payment at the table; retailers can use it for line-busting at busy times; brick and mortar stores can use it as a full-featured payment and business solution; and on-the-go merchants can use the device for their mobile needs.

“First Data is driving the future of commerce with more options for businesses of any size, location and type to build intelligent payment systems that are customized for their needs,” says Guy Chiarello, president of First Data. “Clover Mobile expands the powerful and versatile Clover family to bring the mobility, efficiency, and integration that merchants require and consumers expect. We are committed to helping clients every day with innovative technology that drives deeper engagement and personal service with each transaction.”

Clover Mobile can be paired with Clover Station or work as a standalone solution offering full register capabilities with access to menu and the Clover App Market where First Data’s Insighticssolution, Perka loyalty, and Gyft prepaid solutions and many of the most innovative apps in the restaurant and retail industries today to further enhance the small business experience.

“With open APIs, Clover’s POS systems create exciting new opportunities for third party app developers by opening up a much wider market for developers to create and market new apps, meeting the needs of a broader segment of merchants,” says John Beatty, co-founder and president of engineering at Clover.

Clover Mobile processes standard card swipes and features a ‘dip’ to support chip and pin EMV transactions. The device’s near field communication capabilities allow Clover Mobile to accept contactless payment including the new Apple Pay, and its barcode reader allows merchants to quickly scan goods for inventory purposes or for checkout. Clover Mobile also features a mobile printer that can be mounted on a merchant’s belt to provide customers paper receipts remotely upon request without returning to the register. 

Since its launch just seven months ago, First Data’s Clover Station, which transforms the POS into a dynamic business management system, has become one of the fastest selling POS system in U.S. history with more than 26,000 units distributed to date. Building on the momentum of Clover Station’s success, First Data has developed Clover Mobile allowing merchants to connect with their customers with greater ease and efficiency. It is built on the Clover Android-based operating system, which gives merchants access to Clover’s unique App Market, allowing them to customize Clover to their specific business needs.

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