As the fro-yo category grows increasingly competitive and repetitive, many have attempted to lay claim to the healthy leader position, but no one comes close to Super Fro-Yo launched by TCBY less than a year ago. 

Today, TCBY announces the next evolution of soft serve frozen yogurt, by being the first to market Greek Fro-Yo, scheduled to appear in stores this April. 

According to Mintel’s Report, Yogurt & Yogurt Drinks, “The recent surge in fresh Greek yogurt represents a return to yogurt’s healthy and natural roots, stripping away added ingredients and reinforcing that yogurt is both tasty and healthy.”

As the first fro-yo brand to make a national commitment to Greek Fro-Yo, TCBY is in an enviable position to take advantage of consumer enthusiasm and what UBS “projects to be a sustainable trend.” In its report, “The Rise of the Greek,” it states that Greek yogurt is believed to be the fastest-growing food segment in history with two times the growth of energy drinks. 

“Like everything we do at TCBY, we identified an opportunity in front of the industry, analyzed it exhaustingly, and invested significant resources into perfecting the product experience,” explains Tim Casey, president and CEO, TCBY. 

“What you are left with is a richer texture and pleasingly tangier tasting frozen yogurt that is loaded with healthy attributes. For TCBY and the category, this product will be the healthiest on the market, bar none. We believe that’s going to resonate with the consumer.”

Consumers Want a Fro-Yo That’s More Than Just a Treat

Mintel adds, “Greek yogurt is succeeding because it’s more of what people already liked about yogurt – creamier texture, higher protein, and fewer carbs … and they see it as filling, healthy, and a convenient meal replacement.” 

In fact, Mintel reports that it’s 76 percent more likely to be eaten as a meal replacement. TCBY’s Greek Fro-Yo delivers on two times the protein, a good source of fiber, lower calories, and is a nonfat option.

“Where both the fro-yo and grocery brands have failed to capitalize on the Greek yogurt phenomenon, we did our due diligence in developing and testing a Greek format that maintains the integrity of Greek yogurt, but with a soft serve consistency that parallels the nutritionals of our Super Fro-Yo,” explains Dr. Wayne Geilman, who heads research and development at TCBY. 

“We believe the timing couldn’t be better to introduce a product that serves an expanded marketplace with increased daypart opportunities.”

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