When Bill & Lovett Bayne opened their first restaurant, they wanted to create a comfortable place for neighbors to enjoy great seafood at affordable prices. Now, after 25 years of growth, Fish City Grill is launching a new logo as part of a rebranding campaign designed to reflect the evolution of the restaurant.

Fish City Grill’s new design and aesthetic changes will be revealed when their newest San Antonio location opens this spring. Meanwhile at all current locations, Customers will first see the new logo uniforms and menus, but eventually the new look will be carried out in every aspect of the dining experience.

The branding was designed with the Fish City Grill Customer in mind. As the company has grown to 20 restaurants, the Customer base has also evolved. The stylized fish and cooler blue color palette was selected to appeal to today’s broader dining demographics without confusing their current Customers. It was also chosen to reflect the company’s Core Values of Respect, Inclusiveness, and Integrity and its Culture of creating an awesome place for Team Members and Customers.

“We have been blessed with 10 consecutive years of positive same-store sales growth. And we want that trend to continue, so we have taken a proactive stance to keep our concept current and relevant. We believe the look and feel will be welcoming to a broader crowd while not alienating any of our current Customers. We want to steer towards a look that feels coastal without being beachy,” says Fish City Grill co-founder Bill Bayne. “It was important that this look organically showcase our commitment to freshly prepared seafood, and our scratch recipes, in a way that speaks to all of our Customers.”

Brand integration will be a gradual process for Fish City Grill. While uniforms and menus will change during the first quarter of 2020, signage replacement and other touchpoints will be integrated throughout the rest of the year for the existing stores.

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