Flame Broiler, the Korean-inspired restaurant concept on a mission to simplify access to healthy, affordable food, has appointed Sherry Broesamle as Vice President of People. In this newly created position, Broesamle will work closely with the executive leadership team to shape the company’s culture and strategic direction.

“We are building a world-class Restaurant Support Center to better partner with our incredible operators and franchisees,” Broesamle said in a statement.

With an eye toward accelerating the brand’s growth, Broesamle’s focus will be on bringing a fresh perspective and an innovative approach to the way the restaurant industry invests in its people. 

“Our vision at Flame Broiler is to serve more bowls and provide greater access to healthier food. We can only do that through people,” shares Christian Lee, COO of Flame Broiler. “Our company’s first-ever Vice President promotion is a People position for a simple reason – we can only reach our goals and vision through our team. Sherry will propel us into becoming an industry leader as a people-first restaurant company with a culture that is consistent throughout everything we do.” 

With a nearly two-decade background of experience in the nonprofit sector, Broesamle joined Flame Broiler in September 2021. Prior to this appointment, Broesamle served as Flame Broiler’s Director of People and Culture, in which her role centered on focusing on people to provide them with the support and resources they needed to grow, thrive, and increase overall effectiveness. Her expertise lies in building high-performance teams, investing in employees’ personal and professional development, and creating an empowering organizational culture. Embodying a people-centric approach to business, she has made immense strides in Flame Broiler’s company culture.

“Making a change to a very different industry at this point in my career has been a huge learning curve, but also the opportunity to serve and recreate the people experience in this industry has been incredibly motivating,“ states Sherry Broesamle, Vice President of People at Flame Broiler. “It has been a pleasure working with the Lee Family and the Flame Broiler team for the past year and a half. The Lees have led with integrity and humility, and they live out their values clearly. It’s an honor to partner alongside them day in and day out, shift after shift.”

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