Flame Broiler, known for serving simple, healthy and delicious rice bowls on-the-go, has introduced a fresh new logo, interior design, signage and method of food preparation through a rebranding effort to modernize the acclaimed dining franchise and improve the ordering process for customers.

This is the first interior change since Flame Broiler’s 1995 inception, which will streamline the chain’s appearance and reinforce its focus on a simple, health restaurant concept with a cleaner look and feel on all visual aspects of the brand.

The rebrand includes a vibrant and simplified new logo and refurbished interiors featuring an open floor plan design aesthetic that will showcase an open-concept kitchen and assembly line so guests will be able to watch the restaurant staff members prepare their meal. Existing restaurants have been given the option to adopt the new floor plan as well. To allow for easier eating, Flame Broiler has also adopted new 100 percent recyclable bowls with a larger width for easier mixing and eating.

Flame Broiler’s rebrand also includes changes toward a more lively and user-friendly menu board to eliminate confusion and improve the ordering experience by offering step-by-step instructions to allow guests to build their perfect bowl. The new menu boards clearly display calorie content and ingredients by providing the amount of protein in every size bowl and plate, in addition to the option to forego rice altogether and opt for all vegetables.

Moving forward, all new franchise locations will incorporate this new look and feel, while many of the new locations will also feature a drive-thru option for additional convenience on-the-go. Flame Broiler is quickly approaching 200 locations, with the change coming as it expands nationally.

“Our re-branding efforts aren’t only about a new look and feel,” says Young Lee, CEO and founder of Flame Broiler. “The intention of these changes is to emphasize Flame Broiler’s core values—serving simple, healthy food to consumers in hopes that it results in an overall healthier lifestyle. Whether that be to reduce weight loss, strokes, heart attacks or cholesterol, we are happy to give our customers healthy options at an affordable price.”

Flame Broiler’s menu features delicious rice bowls that start at only 140 calories. The bowls are made with non-GMO white or brown rice, Angus beef, all-natural chicken or organic charbroiled tofu, freshly blanched vegetables, and topped with chopped green onions. For an added flavor kick, guests are invited to top bowls off with Flame Broiler’s proprietary Korean BBQ-inspired Magic Sauce, or any of the hot, double hot, or triple hot sauces.

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