There is something refreshingly different in water beverages today: Dasani essence offers the crisp, fresh taste of Dasani with just a touch of fruit flavor.

Dasani essence has a light, natural fruit flavor–unsweetened and without preservatives or calories–and is available in three varieties: Lime essence, Strawberry Kiwi essence, and Black Cherry essence.

Unsweetened flavored water beverages are growing faster than any other segment in the $12 billion U.S. bottled water category, with more than 300 percent growth in the last two years. According to a 2007 study, many consumers prefer lightly flavored waters with little or no sweetener.2

“Water drinkers will find Dasani essence has a much lighter and more natural taste than other flavored products,” says Brandon Leck, director, Coca-Cola North America Water Brands. “Unlike highly sweetened and more intensely flavored beverages, Dasani essence offers the healthful purity of water with a splash of all-natural fruit flavor excitement.”

Packaged in stylish, recyclable 18.5-oz. single PET bottles and 16-oz. 4-packs, Dasani essence is available in retailers nationally.