Flippers Pizzeria has developed a new store format and logo design, working with retail design experts Chute Gerdeman Retail, the Columbus, Ohio-based branding and design firm.

The first prototype location will open its doors in Orlando on May 6. The new warm and casual design communicates Flippers’ freshness message while maintaining its operational efficiencies.

In the business of handcrafted, authentic pizzas since 1987, Flippers has successfully grown to six locations in the central Florida vicinity with plans to add an additional 10 to 15 corporate units over the next few years. To continue growth, Flippers’ co-founders Todd Dennis and Scott Kousaie enlisted the design expertise of Chute Gerdeman to position Flippers as a national pizzeria franchise while also enhancing the local brand presence.

Chute Gerdeman, known for delivering creative and fresh interpretations of retailers’ and restaurateurs’ brand stories, completely redesigned the Flippers’ restaurant experience–everything from the identity and exterior architecture to the interior design, floor plan, furniture, queuing process, and graphic communications.

“Our client’s goal was to create a comfortable, pleasant dining experience for their guests, while keeping the design simple for an easy rollout,” says Chute Gerdeman Director of Program Management Cindy McCoy.

Chute Gerdeman’s first step in the re-branding process was a redesign of the Flippers identity to better complement the fresh, authentic food offer. Highlighting their use of fresh ingredients and handcrafted approach to pizza making, Chute Gerdeman transformed the Flippers Pizzeria identity.

The new identity design features a handcrafted visual aesthetic, updated color palette and classic logotype that speak directly to the authentic, high quality food. In addition to the updated design, says Corey Dehus, senior designer, Brand Communications, a logo kit-of-parts was developed to allow for various logo configurations ranging from storefront signage to packaging and advertising, all while maintaining a consistent look and feel. The logo design was recently honored in the American Graphic Design & Advertising competition.

The restaurant features an updated color palette with warm, saturated shades of tomato red, fresh greens, cream, and tan. Seating options are varied, with tables, bar-height counters, and booths for a more private dining experience. Another new addition is the pizza oven theater area, where customers can watch their pizzas being prepared.

“At Flippers, every pizza is handcrafted using the finest ingredients available, then cooked to perfection in our brick ovens,” says Flippers Pizzeria Franchising President Don Howard. “Chute Gerdeman’s new design is the perfect environment to translate that quality message directly to our guests.”

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