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    FROM THE FLOOR: Electro Freeze Debuts App

  • Industry News May 19, 2013

    Electro Freeze, a division of H.C. Duke and Son, introduces to the U.S. frozen dessert industry Genni, the first soft-serve frozen dessert quality management smartphone app.

    Genni mobilizes the company’s newly released Virtual Quality Management System (VQM) in the Genesis Series Soft Serve Freezer line.

    “We want to give operators the ability to better manage their soft serve assets from across the store, or anywhere in the world where they can use their phone or tablet,” says Tom Hotard, president. “We are providing real-time, pertinent information to manage business right now via cellular technology, the most secure method.”

    Genni will premier with the new Genesis Series SLX400 and SLX500 soft-serve freezers featuring VQM at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago, May 18–21, 2013, in the Electro Freeze booth No. 4815.

    “This is cutting-edge innovation, engineering, and product development to revolutionize the role of equipment in foodservice management,” Hotard says. “We are the only U.S. frozen dessert equipment manufacturer offering an application like this.”

    Electro Freeze’s new Virtual Quality Management System gives operators the option to make product quality adjustments, track product volume dispensed, and clean-cycle indications, as well as set alerts and security settings.

    The VQM system gathers soft-serve equipment data in real time and provides statistical reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

    “The technology using the Genni app can communicate via cell, WiFi, or ethernet services,” Hotard says. “The VQM system also allows remote diagnostic access for Electro Freeze’s nationwide service teams.”

    The Genni app and VQM are available options on the new Genesis Series SLX400 and SLX500 soft-serve freezers. 

    “The VQM touch pad on the SLX400 and SLX500 freezers is intuitive and the primary machine functions are single-button activated,” says Penny Klingler, vice president of sales. “This means operators don’t need to scroll through multiple screens to quickly operate the machine. Our emphasis has always been on product quality and making operations more efficient for our customers. This system is crew-friendly and the data is easy for management to access and use.

    “The VQM system provides the ultimate in product quality by utilizing our Adaptive Temperature Sensing (ATS), the next step in temperature control (patent pending),” says Kyle Elsom, vice president of engineering. “This, in conjunction with scroll compressor technology, gives customers the flexibility to dispense a variety of product types at the highest level of quality. You truly can taste this difference.”

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