Florida Plastics International (FPI), a leading visual merchandising supplier since 1965, announced a new corporate structure under the name Keyser Group. The new organization reflects the company’s growth and expanded capabilities. Keyser Group encompasses four separate business units, each specializing in unique merchandising solutions.

“We are proud of the success and growth we achieved as Florida Plastics,” says Bill Keyser, chairman and CEO of Keyser Group. “However, over the years, our expertise and capabilities have expanded. The Keyser Group structure is a better reflection of who we are today and will allow us to provide all areas of our business the focus and resources necessary to deliver world-class customer solutions.”

Each business unit leverages the company’s visual merchandising success to serve customers with “best-in-class” expertise.

Keyser Visual provides visual merchandising solutions to the restaurant, auto care, and retail industries. Products and services range from menuboard and signage systems to graphics, printing, and merchandising. The company also offers web-enabled tools and support for planning and managing complex merchandising programs and equipment installation logistics.

Keyser InterActive designs and manufactures InterActive play devices that combine physical activity with a computer-based game experience. While the game software is typically entertainment-oriented, the company can tailor the programs for individual customers with customized promotional or merchandising content. This new form of “exertainment” holds potential for the fitness and healthcare industries as well as companies catering to families.

Keyser Personal Care is a marketing unit creating licensed and private label personal care products. Working with licensed property marketers and retailers, the company creates a wide array of bath and body products, fragrances, and cosmetics. Keyser Personal Care provides turnkey design, development, manufacturing, and distribution for its clients.

Florida Plastics International, while operating separately from Keyser Visual, offers a similar set of visual merchandising products and services exclusively to McDonald’s Corporation. FPI is the sole supplier of indoor and outdoor menu systems for all of McDonald’s more than 14,000 U.S. locations.

Keyser Visual–the largest of the business units–provides customers with a wide range of services. These services include product design, manufacturing, installation, graphics, printing, and merchandising. With the new structure, Keyser Visual now offers three additional enhanced capabilities. Keyser Visual has local store marketing support, which utilizes the best practices and resources of marketing partner, Trisect Marketing. Rollout support, including logistics and supply chain management, and expanded graphic design abilities, including in-house printing, distribution, and kitting services, are also now offered.

“While menuboards and signage systems are still the mainstay of our business,” says President and Chief Operating Officer Judy Haselberger, “we are proud to be a leader in all kinds of on-site visual communications. We provide our customers with a single source for turnkey solutions, making it easy for them to enhance branding, speed transactions, reduce costs, and drive profitable sales at the point of purchase.”

As part of on-site visual communications, Keyser Visual offers turnkey solutions to help companies “go green” with LED lighting. These new fixtures allow customers to experience a well-lit environment while providing the owner with tremendous cost savings. Savings can have a rate of return over 200 percent.

The company operated for more than four decades as Florida Plastics International, which was founded in 1965 by Donald Keyser as the Midwest sales office of a company selling injection-molded plastic products.