Food Fighters Universe, Devour to Create Brands that Combine Physical and Digital Experiences

    Industry News | November 3, 2022

    Food Fighters Universe (FFU), creators of Bored & Hungry and the first NFT restaurant group, and Devour, creator of the web3 food ordering marketplace DevourGO, announced a venture to create “phygital” brands, combining physical and digital experiences. They will bring web3-themed and DevourGO-enabled virtual restaurants to fans who are passionate about their communities and eager to gain more benefit from the digital assets they own. 

    Poised to be a $84B industry by 2027, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) still lack tangible real-world benefit associated with the digital assets. Both FFU and Devour solve this problem with food albeit from different angles. On April 9th, FFU launched Bored & Hungry, an NFT restaurant with a unique vibe and free food for members of popular web3 communities. Devour is launching DevourGO, the web3 food ordering marketplace connecting fans and brands to restaurants through the power of web3 technology. 

    Shelly Rupel, CEO of Devour, is leading the team building the technology and partnerships for mass distribution of these new concepts. “We couldn’t be more excited to be working on something this impactful for the restaurant industry as well as accelerate mainstream adoption of web3 technology,” said Rupel. “Everyone wins because of this partnership - guests, restaurants, and all the brands that have entered web3 that want to give their members unique token-gated dining experiences.” 

    The token-gating Rupel speaks of is turning a digital asset, such as an NFT, into a key to exclusive access to content. DevourGO will offer token-gated restaurant rewards, hidden menu items, and event tickets to both popular web3 NFT communities and big consumer brands releasing NFTs.

    “We have the same mission to create amazing experiences with food using the power of web3”, says Kevin Seo, FFU’s Co-founder and Chief Megaphone. “Each of our talents were so complementary to the other that we knew we’d be able to reach so many more web3 fans and foodies by working together.” 

    Andy Nguyen, FFU Co-founder known for creating restaurant concepts that go viral, is already hard at work creating the virtual restaurant concepts for the partnership. “Expect to be surprised,” said Nguyen. “When creating web3 concepts that are not limited by traditional approaches nor physical stores, anything is possible.” 

    FFU is already working with some of the biggest brands in the world to create new physical restaurants and event experiences. FFU and Devour will extend the reach of these brands to wherever there is a virtual restaurant location or wherever DevourGO has a restaurant partner in the marketplace. “Get ready for a big conversation around phygital hospitality,” says Seo. 

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