Innovative Technologies by Design Inc. (ITD) is scheduled to release the 2.0 version of its Prep-Pal product this September.

The new software/hardware package is a stand-alone solution to food labeling for prep and storage. Just like its predecessor, Prep-Pal 2.0 stores a kitchen’s entire prep list with expiration information, as well as user IDs, locations, and categories.

The new features version 2.0 offers are a computer-based, re-designed interface, new label options, multiple-print ability, and the Custom Print feature. This feature allows the user to design labels from scratch, with whatever information he or she chooses, such as “use first,” “hot/cold,” name or address, price, or even safe handling instructions.

Jason Mobley, president of ITD, says the Prep-Pal solution is all about saving time in the kitchen. “The new features of our 2.0 solution are redefining the standards for food labeling in the industry,” he says. “Automation is here, and it’s changing the way businesses do prep.”