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    Food Makers Pump Up Fiber Contents

  • Industry News February 25, 2009
    Consumers have long known that fiber is good for the body. Now food makers are redoubling their efforts to increase the fiber content of many popular food products. According to Datamonitor’s Product Launch Analytics, the percentage of new food products touting high fiber contents is up in markets like the U.S.

    In the U.S., the percentage of new food products claiming to be high in fiber hit 6.3 percent in 2008, up from 5.2 percent in 2006 per Datamonitor’s Product Launch Analytics. Companies jumping on the high fiber bandwagon include multinationals like PepsiCo, Kraft, Campbell Soup, Kellogg, and Dannon.

    Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts brand is on-trend with its new Toaster Pastries featuring 20 percent daily value of fiber that recently debuted in the U.S. Sold in flavors like Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Frosted Chocolate Fudge, the pastries are said to contain 16 grams of whole grains per serving. The company’s new Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Antioxidants Chewy Bars also join the trend by promising to deliver 35 percent of the daily requirement for fiber.

    Along similar lines, Quaker Fiber & Omega-3 Chewy Oat Granola Bars recently debuted from PepsiCo’s Quaker Oats. Sold in flavors like Dark Chocolate Chunk and Peanut Butter Chocolate, these bars are said to be an excellent source of fiber along with omega-3 derived from flax. Kraft is hoping fiber can help energize its South Beach Living brand. In February, Kraft added Fiber Fit Cookies and Fiber Fit Granola bars to its South Beach Living line.

    Bread, chips, and yogurt are other food categories getting a helping hand from fiber. Campbell Soup’s Pepperidge Farm unit has just launched Pepperidge Farm Light Style Wheat Bread in an Extra Fiber version. Claimed to contain 16 percent more of the daily value of fiber than the leading premium white breads, the product is made with whole grains. Snyder’s of Hanover’s new MultiGrain All Natural Tortilla Chips include whole grains and tout a higher fiber content than regular tortilla chips. As for yogurt, Dannon recently added a With Fiber extension to its Activia Lowfat Yogurt.

    Fiber can also play a key role in satiety which is the feeling of fullness that can help reduce snacking to help control body weight. Although many of the new high fiber products do not make any overt weight loss or weight control claims, it may only be a matter of time before they do.

    Indeed, Kraft Foods recently added On The Go Hunger Satisfaction Drink Mix to its Crystal Light brand. The powdered drink mix is said to contain 5 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein per serving to help satisfy hunger. Also going the more overt route is Tree Top Trim Enlightened Fruit Beverage from Tree Top, Inc. This U.S. entry is said to help promote a healthy metabolism and curb appetite with ingredients like L-Carnitine and Chromium.