Call it an accurate prediction, a coincidence, or just plain crazy, but the results of Culver’s Restaurants 2008 Custard Election are on track with the presumptive outcome of next week’s presidential election.

Culver’s guests participated in the Custard Election by purchasing their favorite candidate’s sundae in-store or by voting online. Results from in-store purchases made up the electoral college vote and online ballots were tracked as the popular vote. Votes were collected from Sept. 29 through Oct. 26 with a record-setting 103,000 online voters–99,500 more votes than were cast in the 2004 Custard Election.

Heath Toffeebits, the Democratic sundae candidate, clinched the popular vote with 51 percent of total online votes. With liberal scoops leading the popular vote, in-store electoral college votes took a different turn. Reese E. Buttercup, the Republican sundae candidate, out-sold and therefore won the in-store vote with 53 percent of the 70,700 total votes.

“The disparity between the winner of the popular vote and electoral college proves that anything can happen,” says Chris Contino, vice president of marketing for Culver’s. “Our guests are so passionate about this presidential election that their preferences took shape in our custard election.”

Voting in Culver’s Custard Election was strong from the start. Just two weeks after the polls opened on Sept. 29, nearly 73,000 votes had been cast online. In-store votes were up as well, especially with Culver’s attempt to “buy votes” during its second annual $1 ButterBurger Customer Appreciation Day held on Oct. 7.

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