A.J. Antunes & Co., a supplier of high-quality water filtration systems to the foodservice industry, announced the newest product release in its VIZION line of filtration systems: the VZN series. The systems have a lower total cost of ownership and small footprint.

“The VZN systems maintain the same benefits as other VIZION systems but are configured to fit into any foodservice location,” says director of New Business Development Scott March. The VZN systems assure healthy water by using self-cleaning ultra filtration ahead of low-cost carbon cartridges. This separation and self-cleaning extends the life of the cartridges and lowers the cost of ownership, which gives the systems a compelling return on investment.

The VZN systems also remove particles as small as .015 microns. This yields longer carbonation retention, and fewer service issues related to poor water quality.

These technologies are followed by template-assisted crystallization (TAC) to protect equipment against lime scale buildup. TAC reduces lime scale by 96–98 percent without the use of chemicals, which makes it an environmentally friendly solution.

“Not only will the new VZN systems save you money, they will also help the environment,” March says.

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