Alicia Jindra of Andover, Minnesota, placed first in the Dairy Queen system’s “Iron Tip” Cake Decorating International Competition. Jindra competed as a DQ master cake decorator against four other finalists from around the world.

Jindra is an esteemed cake decorator at the Dairy Queen restaurant located at 3595 River Rapids Dr. NW in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

More than 1,500 photos of the best cakes made by 223 Dairy Queen decorators were submitted during the two-round preliminary competition. Entries were judged on color scheme, placement of decorations, cake borders, decorative writing, and overall appearance.

The final competition took place at the DQ 2012 Expo from January 12-15 in San Diego.

“Cake decorating is an art form, and it’s a great feeling to see your work of art come to life–from transforming the initial idea to an original, edible masterpiece,” Jindra says. “I am honored to have represented the Coon Rapids Dairy Queen restaurant and to have been named champion of the Iron Tip Cake Decorating Competition.”

Patterned after the “Iron Chef” competition on Food Network, the Iron Tip challenge finals featured Jindra and her competitors decorating three different cakes: one design the contestants did not know in advance; one design the contestants were notified of in advance; and a design created by the contestants using decorating components provided to them.

Other finalists were: Jane Blackburn of Port Republic, Virginia; Helen Marsolais of Burlington, Ontario; Theresa Le of Brampton, Ontario; and Florence Natalina of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Dairy Queen cakes are made with a layer of luscious chocolate soft serve topped with fudge and crunch then layered with vanilla soft serve, and they can be custom decorated. The DQ system’s signature Blizzard Treats also can be made into a cake. In addition, heart-shaped cakes are available for Valentine’s Day.

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