Industry News | October 21, 2011

Forget Wall Street: Occupy California Tortilla on Oct. 26

Mid-Atlantic fast-casual restaurant chain California Tortilla has declared Oct. 26 “Occupy Cal Tort Day.” In reference to the Occupy movement around the globe, California Tortilla will donate 1 percent of gross sales from Oct. 26 to local food banks. In addition, all customers who support the “Occupy Cal Tort” movement will get free chips and queso with any purchase.

"We aren't quite sure what the goal of the Occupy movement is, but we think they look like nice folks who might like free chips and queso," says California Tortilla's Director of Marketing Stacey Kane. "This promotion is a great way for customers to give back to the community and possibly get a little creative with their own signs."

Customers can receive free chips and queso Oct. 26 by ordering any item on the menu and:

  • Saying “Occupy Cal Tort” to the cashier.
  • Printing and bringing the “Occupy Cal Tort” sign from our Facebook page and showing the cashier.
  • Creating their own “Occupy Cal Tort” sign and showing it when they place an order.

In addition to the in-store promotion, customers can participate online. For each original “Occupy Cal Tort” sign uploaded to California Tortilla’s Facebook page, the company will donate $1 to local food banks.


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