Industry News | July 29, 2014

Former Jimmy John’s CEO Unveils Mobile Ordering Platform

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Qmyfood is a mobile food-ordering platform designed by a restaurant owner and operator that incorporates patent-pending, location-aware technology. The company’s solution takes the burden off a restaurant’s staff and its customers to manage when online orders should be fired to the kitchen for prep and when food being delivered will arrive to its location.

Gregg Majewski is the former CEO of Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches and founder of the better-burger concept Patty Burger in Cincinnati and casual-dining concept Jerseys Pizza & Grill in Barrington, Illinois. Additionally, Gregg is a Jimmy John’s franchisee and operates 8 locations in Ohio and Alabama.

Gregg’s co-inventor, Tom Straw, a 20-year veteran of the institutional capital markets, will manage a Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act equity fundraiser for the company.

“The JOBS Act lifted the ban on ‘general solicitation’ this past October, allowing entrepreneurs like us to promote our offering through social media,” Straw says. “This is very new territory for the capital markets but really is the spirit of the JOBS Act. Support for our initiative to raise capital in this manner has been great; my Wall Street buddies are excited to see this work. And the accredited investor response has been everything we’d hoped for; eight months ago they had no way to learn of such opportunities. I’d like to make this work for our own selfish reasons, of course; but it’s an evolution of the capital markets for all entrepreneurs that’s long overdue.”

Qmyfood grew out of Majewski’s frustrations as a restaurant operator having to throw out hot and fresh food that had turned cold and stale because mobile ordering solutions forced both Majewski’s restaurant staff and his customers to rely on estimated times of arrival once the food is ordered.

Qmyfood solves this problem through patent-pending, location-aware technology. “We have no idea when our mobile customers are really going to show up. Qmyfood calculates for the restaurant exactly when an order should go into prep and lets the customer know exactly when their food is going to be ready.” Majewski says. “I also designed the technology with a focus on delivery. I want Qmyfood to be an order management system, helping the restaurant’s staff manage the huge burden online orders become once they hit our restaurants. The current mobile solutions dump orders on us and don’t care what happens after that. And not one of them knows the first thing about delivery. I intend to change that for the restaurant community.”

Qmyfod takes the guesswork out of online and mobile ordering for both independent restaurant owners and national chains.

“I’ve created a proprietary algorithm with patent-pending technology that will forever change how we interact with our mobile customers, saving us all money and improving the services we can offer our customers,” Majewski says. 

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This is a great news for business owners like me!!! So many bad yelp reviews of having cold food because customers picks up the food hour later...

Restaurant customers and consumers alike are adopting technology solutions at a rate faster than restaurants can keep up. Restaurants understand that they have to provide solutions that not only satisfy the consumer but actually benefit the restaurant in measurable ways. It can't be just about driving guests to a restaurant, the solution has to to help the restaurant eliminate costs, reduce labor, and drive business while creating loyalty. Too many bad "apps" serve to increase frustration and disappointment for both the restaurant operators and it's customers. In my opinion, too many parasitic "solution" providers out there pinching the profits from the restaurant operator. If Qmyfood can reduce the frustration and pain points for restaurants it will no-doubt make it into my list of Winning Strategies, Processes, and Innovations for restaurants.

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