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    Former UK Head of McDonald's Food Opens New Agency

  • Industry News January 18, 2012

    Former UK Head of Food at McDonalds, Mike Faers has launched a new management consultancy called Food Innovation Solutions (FIS) to help global food businesses deliver truly innovative new products.

    “Being so focused on managing costs in these difficult financial times can make it difficult to justify true innovation,” Faers says.

    “But a continuous stream of new consumer focused ideas is vital for any food organization to survive in today’s highly competitive marketplace”

    Mike has a wealth of enviable experience within the food industry gained from 30 years working with leading restaurants, food manufacturers, food service, and retail chains including Le Gavroche, New Covent Garden Soups, Marks and Spencer, and most recently McDonald’s.

    Mike is an effective communicator and motivator and has a strong track record of profitable growth through efficient food production and innovative development processes.

    He has experience in both European and North American food cultures.

    Some recent clients of FIS include Mars, Coca Cola, Café Nero and some of the UK’s national food retailers, where Mike has worked on varying projects including strategies to improve the in-store consumer experience and staff training on innovation techniques.

    However, Mike really thrives in helping smaller entrepreneurial businesses, who need advice on how to grow sales. He has recently worked with Henry Dimblebys' new fast food chain ­­­LEON restaurants, where he helped to reposition the brand and advised on their future menu development process.

    “What I love about Mike is that his background encompasses the most fundamental tension in developing food for restaurants – that between process and creativity,” says Dimblebys.

    “A great dish is one which tastes great and feels exuberant but which can be delivered simply and to cost.”

    “At FIS we recognise that businesses may not need permanent support but do need continuity and expect a flexible and results driven attitude,” says Faers.

    “Our aim is to build long term relationships with our clients, adding direction at a strategic level and offering a one stop shop for food innovation and business improvement services as and when you need it.”

    FIS plans to help food businesses with:

    • managing rising costs

    • improving innovation processes

    • improving returns on investment

    • driving successful product launches

    • staff training and recruitment

    • expanding into new markets or sectors

    Another of Mike’s clients Rob Burnett from New Covent Garden Soup says, “Innovation is vital to any progressive food business planning to stay ahead or overtake their competitors. Mike, understands, seeks out and delivers real innovation.”

    Food Innovation Solutions are based in Suffolk in the UK, although are happy to travel wherever necessary. Mike has plenty of global experience and is able to advise on other markets and to travel overseas as appropriate.