The Mendelsohn Family announced that John Renninger, after 20 years in the United States Navy, joins the Sunnyside Restaurant Group as director of operations.

Renninger recently retired from eight years in the White House Presidential Food Service and brings 20 years of culinary experience to the position. As director of operations, Renninger will oversee the Sunnyside Restaurant Group’s three restaurants on Capitol Hill (Good Stuff Eatery; We, The Pizza; and Béarnaise). Renninger is also an executive team member for domestic and international expansion.

“We’re excited to have John onboard,” says Catherine Mendelsohn, owner of the Sunnyside Restaurant Group. “Our company is growing and John brings a wealth of knowledge in customer service, hospitality, and food.”

Renninger was responsible for the overall operation of the White House Executive Dining Facility in the West Wing. He has trained and led 24 chefs through numerous State luncheons and high-profile dinners in addition to providing foodservice and culinary support to the President during travel worldwide, and supporting nine bilateral meetings with heads of state. He was hand-selected as a personal chef for official travel for personal food service to the President of the United States and First Family on 15 overseas and 20 continental United States trips.

“I am very pleased to join the Mendelsohn family and build on the success of the company thus far,” Renninger says. “I look forward to making sure our guests have a great experience and to strengthening an already great team here at Sunnyside Restaurant Group.”

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