Nextbite, a leader in virtual restaurants, announced that Sunil Sudhakar, a 25-year restaurant and hospitality leader, and former executive of Subway and Yum! Brands, has joined the company as an adviser. Sudhakar will focus on supporting Nextbite’s growth and expansion of its brands and restaurant partners.

Sudhakar’s expertise in international operations, retail and franchising brings a unique perspective to the Nextbite executive and advisory team. He has deep experience in operations, learning and development ecosystems and curricula for industry leading brands and technologies, with a track record in successfully translating processes globally.

Prior to advising Nextbite, Sudhakar served as Vice President of International Operations and Global L&D at Subway and as the Director of Operations at YUM! Brands, for KFC & Taco Bell in the Middle East region and prior to that, for A&W and Long John Silvers in the United States.

Sudhakar will provide counsel on both B2B and B2C operations, learning and development. He will support the growth of the company’s restaurant partners, and execute on new and relevant brands, including training for a superior customer experience and to drive sales.

As Nextbite continues to expand its virtual restaurant portfolio of both celebrity and house brands including—George Lopez Tacos, HotBox by Wiz Khalifa, Lucky Dragon Fried Rice, Grilled Cheese Society, Miss Mazy’s Amazin’ Chicken and Veg-e-licious Burger—Sudhakar will provide counsel on consumer needs, partnership execution and marketing.

“Convenience is currency and a virtual restaurant is convenient from both a consumer and business side,” says Sudhakar. “Any company that is providing convenience has an opportunity for significant growth right now. Our world is changing quickly and especially in the restaurant industry. I am incredibly optimistic about the industry’s potential and am excited for this journey with Nextbite.”

“With Sunil’s extensive experience in creating operations, broad global brand strategies and ensuring execution for some of the most well-known food chains in the world, he continues to diversify our team of incredibly knowledgeable and specialized executives and advisers,” adds Alex Canter, CEO and co-founder of Nextbite. “Sunil is aligned with the Nextbite commitment of partnering with existing restaurants to increase revenue, and he’s dedicated to keeping us on brand as we continue to grow and change to meet industry demands.”

Over the past several years Sudhakar has been involved with the World Food Programme, a disaster and humanitarian relief resource, and also volunteers for GLEAM Network, a nonprofit group providing mentorship and leadership development to the underserved in the foodservice industry.

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