Industry News | September 14, 2013

Forté Launches ColdStor Ice & Beverage Bin

The Forte ColdStor Ice & Beverage Bin keeps beverages and other food items chilled longer for maximum efficiency and increased sales momentum. This bin is made of FDA approved plastic material and has insulation properties that meet food safety requirements. The ColdStor is molded with UV inhibitors, making it suitable for outdoor use. A great advantage of the ColdStor compared to other units on the market is that it can be used to its full capacity, while also offering a false bottom piece to keep merchandise within easy reach. It is available with a bi-fold lid and includes casters for easy mobility and placement. Maintenance is minimal and drainage is easy with a hose hook up spigot on the back. Additionally, the ColdStor is a helpful way to promote special offers and programs when signage is added to the panel on the front of the bin.

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