Hurricane Grill & Wings franchisee Steve Anderson will stay extra busy this Thursday, but he won’t be in any of his four stores. Instead he’ll be delivering 50 turkey dinners to the Veteran Administration Fisher House for Thanksgiving.

Along with the American Red Cross, Anderson will bring Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings to area veterans who have recently returned from tours overseas.

“When I returned from Vietnam, there weren’t many people there to thank me,” he says. “I thought it was a good thing to do this time of year.”

Anderson advises operators who are interested in organizing similar events to contact the public relations manager with their local veterans association.

Despite the good press he’s getting, Anderson maintains that boosting his business was not the motivation for his donations.

“I’m just doing it because I want to do it and because I can do it,” he says. “If it helps the business, that’s great. But I’m doing it because it helps me. I like to see people smile when they’re given something they aren’t expecting, especially when they’re in need.

–Blair Chancey

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