Freddy’s features an all-new Pizza Style Steakburger for the holiday season this year. For dessert, the brand also introduced its Peppermint Mocha Concrete. Both original combinations are available at Freddy’s locations nationwide.

“The Pizza Style Steakburger is an Italian-inspired, classic Freddy’s Steakburger topped with deliciously- grilled pepperoni, melted Mozzarella, savory marinara sauce, and grilled onions,” says COO, Scott Redler. “You’ll taste an authentic Italian zest complementing the unmistakable flavor of Freddy’s Steakburgers. It’s a wonderfully warm and satisfying meal with which to kick off the holidays.”

Freddy’s latest frozen treat blends chocolate fudge, peppermint, coffee syrup, and frozen custard to craft the new Peppermint Mocha Concrete. It is topped with whipped cream and crushed peppermint candies. Both menu items are available through year’s end.

“We have a sensational time creating our seasonal menu items,” Redler says. “The Freddy’s great American menu is centered on classic, home-cooked-style recipes that guests of all ages enjoy. The Pizza Style Steakburger and Peppermint Mocha Concrete recipes combine for a delightful meal that we hope you’ll include as you make holiday memories with friends, family, and Freddy’s this year!”

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