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    French Fry Heaven Gets Creative with Fry App

  • Industry News June 19, 2013

    French fries are not commonly a topic of confusion, but when one company created more than 50 unique fry flavors, the plot thickens. French Fry Heaven, the first and only gourmet fry franchise, just launched a mobile application that helps consumers understand the wacky fries they offer through fun, flying potatoes, and prizes.


    French Fry Heaven has developed a cult following since the first store opened in Jacksonville, Florida three years ago. Repeat customers have the unique flavors down; they know full well that the “Festival Saint” is a sweet potato fry that tastes like funnel cake as well as the difference between a Cupid and Perfect sized fry. However, with new locations opening in 10 states over the next few months, French Fry Heaven sought to find a simple way to explain the unique concept and extensive list of flavors to all future fry eaters.


    To solve the flavor fiasco, French Fry Heaven founder Scott Nelowet developed an “educational” game app for the iPhone platform that teaches consumers about the different types of fries. The French Fry Heaven Game is now available for free on iTunes and works by introducing 50 characters that each represents a flavor of fries found on the French Fry Heaven menu. Users unlock each character one level at time by completing various tasks that teach them about that flavor and its ingredients. Upon completing all 50 levels of the game, users are completely in-the-know and will also have a chance to win free fries.


    French Fry Heaven is a quirky brand, so I wanted to teach people about our awesome spuds in an entertaining and educational way,” Nelowet says. “My idea was to reach consumers where they want to be reached, on their phone and through gaming. I can’t think of a better way to teach people about the product, than engaging them in a way they can embrace and pass along.”


    At the base of French Fry Heaven’s menu are Belgian style fries (Angels) and sweet potato fries (Saints) that are crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Customers can choose any flavor ranging from salty to sweet, Cajun fries to caramel sweet potato fries. The fries are cooked hot and fresh, made with zero trans-fat, cooked in gluten-free oil, and served in a cone.


    French Fry Heaven offers a unique franchise opportunity at a low start-up cost with maximum flexibility in location and operations. Franchisees receive a high level of support from Paradise (headquarters) that includes support and systems for site selection, build (design through open), marketing, daily operations, online training, and financial analysis. The brand seeks out franchisees and employees who have a history of community service. French Fry Heaven is open to both individual owners and multi-unit operators so long as they are driven to achieve and profit at the highest levels possible.