Freshii, a global leader in the health-casual restaurant category, expanded its best-selling category of bowls beyond lunch and dinner to include breakfast. The new breakfast category satisfies sweet and savory cravings with two egg bowls and a smoothie bowl.

Freshii is taking mornings to the next level with true bowl bliss. From light, satisfying egg bowls to a bright, refreshing smoothie bowl, the new menu items are built to fuel guests on the go. Freshii is introducing the new Cali Smoothie, Green Eggs & Kale, Huevos bowls:

Huevos bowl: scrambled egg & kale, avocado, aged Cheddar, black beans, house-made salsa fresca, fiery barbecue sauce

Green Eggs & Kale bowl: scrambled egg & kale, Feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, pesto

Cali smoothie bowl: freshii green smoothie, banana, mango, strawberries, granola, coconut

Freshii models itself as the fast fashion of healthy fast food, following the Zara model. Just like Zara brings the latest runway trends to shoppers, Freshii brings food trends, i.e. smoothie and breakfast bowls, to its guests around the world at an affordable price point, fulfilling its brand mission. Freshii’s business is bowls, and the trending category will offer guests a low-carb option to kick start their mornings.

In addition to its new breakfast category, Freshii has rolled out its first made-in-house snacks: Energii Bites. The five-ingredient sweet treat compliments any entrée or smoothie. The all-natural balls are a perfect combination of peanut butter, oats, honey, coconut and chocolate chips. The small bites with a big punch are an ideal afternoon delight, smoothie sidekick, pre-workout fuel or guilt-free dessert.

By the end of 2016, there will be over 300 Freshii restaurants globally in Toronto, Vancouver, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dubai, Vienna, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala, and 85-plus cities and 20 countries around the world, with three new restaurants opening every week. Freshii restaurants can be found in all locations from cosmopolitan cities, college campuses, suburban neighborhoods and malls to fitness clubs, airports, and small towns.

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