Industry News | April 20, 2011

Freshii's Going Downtown in Baltimore

Freshii, the restaurant known for its fresh ingredients and eco-friendly practices, is coming to Baltimore this spring. With more than 60 locations in the U.S.and around the globe, Freshii’s downtown and Charles Village locations are the first for the Baltimore area.

Featuring nutritious, sustainably grown ingredients, Freshii customers can choose from a menu of chef-designed salads, wraps, rice bowls, yogurts, and soups or opt to “custom build” their meal to create something that is uniquely theirs. 

With organic beef, all-natural chicken, and locally sourced produce, Freshii customers create customized meals from three categories: light, which is low in fat but high in fiber with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and lean protein; balanced, which includes essential fats, slow-burning carbohydrates, good oils, and high protein; and classic, featuring great flavors in moderation. 

Freshii uses biodegradable packaging (bowls, straws, cutlery, and fountain cups) made from vegetable starches such as corn or potatoes, leaving behind only carbon, biomass, and water.

Freshii’s Charles Village location at 3113 St. Paul St. will open in mid-May, followed shortly thereafter by its downtown location at 30 Light St. Both locations will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and will also offer offsite catering for parties, meetings, receptions, and special events.

"People in Baltimore care about what they eat and where it comes from, so our mission of combining healthy, responsible eating with green business practices is a perfect fit for this market,” says Rebecca Fielding, part-owner and operator of Freshii’s Baltimore locations.


Why would anyone in their right mind invest in this ludicrous concept! Complete lack of any form of originality + buzz words + zero credibility of founders = Freshiiiiii. eeeew!C'mon Rebecca ... c'maaaaaan! Have you so run out of ideas ... now you want to run out of money!

I went to Freshii's opening day and I thought the food was delicious. I like the concept of building your own salad. There are many choices and the food is very fresh. Give it a try and then comment.

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