FreshTemp Introduces New Temperature-Monitoring System

    Industry News | June 16, 2016

    FreshTemp announced the all-new FreshSense 2.0 system. Using innovative cellular technology and IoT (Internet of Things) cloud platforms, FreshSense 2.0 introduces the next generation of thermometers for the commercial kitchen. FreshSense 2.0 is a feature-packed temperature monitoring system that leverages developments in long range wireless communication technology, sleek industrial design, and cellular connectivity.

    “FreshSense 2.0 is the wireless thermometer system people have been waiting for. It is smaller, more durable, and an overall more advanced connected device. With both wireless and cellular capabilities, you no longer have to worry about factors that might disrupt digital connection,” says Ian Core, FreshTemp’s lead hardware engineer and designer of FreshSense 2.0.

    Designed with busy commercial kitchens in mind, FreshSense 2.0 is built to function in fast-paced kitchen environments.

    “When concerned with temperature, people need to trust their thermometer will always be correct, at all times,” says sales director Adam Horn. “With FreshSense 2.0 we challenged ourselves to produce a dependable device for the commercial kitchen, or anywhere there is great importance for consistent and accurate thermo-data. We have created something that makes it easier than ever before to monitor and record temperature in real time, no matter the location.”

    The new form factor is smaller, at about half the size of the original system, measuring in at 2.75”x 2.75" x 0.75". Made of a lightweight yet durable polymer, the case provides a watertight shell with a structured external thermistor port for more reliable connection. The sensors are equipped with added LEDs and battery and wireless connection buttons. The three LEDs improve diagnostics making it simple for users to determine if the sensor is properly connected to the gateway, how strong that connection is, and how much battery life is remaining.

    The sensors are battery powered and ship with 2 AA, 6000 mAh (lithium ion) cells. The batteries have superior performance at low temperatures and provide significantly longer battery capacity.

    The cellular enabled, smart gateway of FreshSense 2.0 has both Ethernet and cellular connection capabilities. Cellular gives the user the flexibility to place the gateway anywhere in their location. They can then decide whether cellular will be the primary or secondary method of connection. If using Ethernet as the primary method of connecting to the Internet, cellular will automatically act as a backup if there is a power outage. The most impressive and practical addition to FreshSense 2.0 is the enhanced wireless connectivity of the sensors. A powerful 2.4Ghz radio using the advanced ZigBee Pro protocol provides ten times the location range and better performance indoors, particularly in spaces such as walk-in coolers and freezers.

    FreshTemp revolutionized wireless thermometer technology and is changing the way the world captures temperatures and operational task lists. FreshTemp’s software platforms collect data in real-time to provide a seamless data collection experience in commercial kitchens to digitize and improve food safety and simplify compliance.

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