Altametrics, the leading provider of enterprise solutions to the foodservice industry, announced today that Friendly Ice Cream Corporation will implement Altametrics’ Inventory Management system at all of its corporate locations.

“With Friendly’s being a vertically integrated company, with manufacturing and distribution divisions, we saw a great opportunity in migrating to the Altametrics suite of products,” says Richard Del Valle, Friendly’s director of restaurant systems support. “Altametrics will deliver actionable data to our managers regarding food cost and waste on individual products, provide our managers with daily guidance on food prep and thawing, and provide our manufacturing and distribution divisions with important data upon which to make long range decisions and increased efficiency for our deliveries. In addition, we expect to reduce the amount of time our managers spend taking inventories, preparing food orders, and planning prep schedules which will give them more time in front of our guests in our restaurants.”

Proven to power millions of dollars in ROI to thousands of restaurants, Altametrics Enterprise Business Solutions are powerful web-based applications that contain several modules aimed at helping restaurant managers operate their business. Inventory Management will improve food costs which represent the largest controllable cost center. This solution lets operators measure, control, and reduce food costs. It can be used to centralize ingredient and recipe management, take inventory by unlimited number of ingredients and count frequencies, determine real-time product variance, create warning messages, establish a user audit trail, transfer product between locations, record waste, prevent theft, and much more.