Frios Gourmet Pops, the tie-dye for frozen dessert franchise  with a fleet of colorful mobile vans, has announced a recently signed multi-unit franchise agreement to roll out a new Frios Sweet Ride in Palm Beach County with local residents and  entrepreneurs, Alyssa and Jason Lund. The new venture will bring happiness on a stick to community members in Palm Beach County, delivering hand-poured gourmet pops and a  reminder for guests to slow down and enjoy the magic in every day through a Frios pop.  

Alyssa and Jason Lund fell in love with Frios because of their enticing flavors, natural  ingredients, and promise of year-round joy. Also, the fun atmosphere and flexibility make it  something the whole family can enjoy working on together.  

“After hearing success stories from numerous current Frios franchisees, we were excited to join.  We can’t wait to get Frios pops into the hands (and lips) of everyone in Palm Beach County, FL,  because there are many ways to spread the word about these delicious treats, says Alyssa”.  CEO of Frios, Cliff Kennedy, “Inviting Alyssa and Jason into the Frios family is a happy occasion  for all of us. They are the ideal franchisees to expand the Frios brand in South Florida”. 

Frios Gourmet Pops is a brand that sells popsicles from its “Sweet Ride” and mobile carts. With  the ability to wholesale Frios pops in addition to the Sweet Ride and carts, Frios offers high  flexibility with light labor and low costs. Music festivals, sporting events, schools, and corporate  events are just some places where you will find Frios. 

Driven by the mission to slow the heck down and feel the magic in every day, Frios Gourmet  Pops offers tasty frozen desserts of all types, including creamy and fruity flavors, and pops for  those looking for low sugar, dairy free, wheat free, soy free, nut free and dye free options. 

Frios has over 50 territories across the country and rapidly expanding. To learn more about  Frios gourmet pops, visit To learn more about Frios franchise  opportunities, visit

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