Armando DeLeon, Ph.D., USAF Retired Officer, and his wife, Augustina, announced the opening of the first frios gourmet pops location in the Dayton area. Bringing brain freeze, sticky fingers and a touch of nostalgia wherever it goes, the Dayton location will encapsulate the brand’s signature vibe through its colorful tie dye van, tasty gourmet frozen treats and a reminder to slow down and remember the carefree days of childhood.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be rolling out a frios mobile van in the Buckeye state to show local residents why our motto stands true – ‘the best things in life are frios,’” says Armando, the brand’s first franchise owner in Ohio. “My very first bite of a frios solidified my desire to be a part of the brand as a franchise owner. I can’t wait for the Dayton community to try our pops for themselves and to share that magic with them.”

Before opening the frios business, Augustina worked for 18 years in the broadcast media industry as a researcher for several well-known news outlets such as FOX and CBS. Thereafter, she worked in the event marketing industry and was a small business owner for 10 years. These experiences uniquely prepared Augustina with the marketing, operations and management skills needed to bring the brand’s fun and fresh take on handmade frozen treats to the Miami Valley.

With its mission to sell happiness on a stick, frios’ commitment to giving back to local communities stands at the forefront of the band’s values. In addition to the company’s already established, nationwide philanthropy partnerships, the Dayton location will also carry the tradition to lead goodwill initiatives in the Dayton and the surrounding communities.

“At our core, frios is a brand rooted in compassion, community, and altruism,” adds Patti Rother, president of frios gourmet pops. “We deliver happiness to guests in the form of delicious, hand poured gourmet pops, but it goes beyond that – we are passionate, driven, we deeply care about our communities, and we have a group of wonderful Happiness Hustlers who dedicate themselves to giving back to neighbors in need. Augustina is the perfect person to carry out that mission in Dayton. She embodies the values frios upholds and we are excited to see her continue to grow the business.”

Driven by the mission to slow the heck down and feel the magic in every day, frios gourmet pops offers tasty frozen desserts of all types, including creamy and fruity flavors, and pops for those looking for low sugar, dairy free, wheat free, soy free, nut free and dye free options. Since the brand’s inception in 2013, frios has become known for crashing parties with its tasty frozen treats, and customers can soon begin booking frios Sweet Rides to sweeten events like birthdays, weddings, community gatherings celebrations of all sorts.  

frios elicits magical moments of pause, nostalgia, and reminders of what brings people happiness. The dessert on a stick harnesses the ability to spark an instance where individuals can stop and relish in their moment of joy, no matter the environment. Offered in a wide variety of flavors, frios are made with quality ingredients and real fruit, empowering customers of all tastes to enjoy a frios and reminisce in the carefree days of childhood.

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