Industry News | June 10, 2011

Fro-Yo for Super Dads

Does he throw the perfect curve ball? Build the biggest fort? Catch monster fish? Grill the best burger in town? 

If you answered yes to any of these amazing dad feats, than you have a Super Dad in your house!

TCBY wants to thank Super Dads across the country for all that they do with a free small cup or cone of TCBY’s recently released Super Fro-Yo or any of its signature frozen yogurt products on Father’s Day, June 19. And since he is so super, he's a great match for TCBY’s new Super Fro-Yo classification since it’s packed with Vitamins A & D, probiotics, dietary fiber, protein, and calcium.

“TCBY has worked diligently, for years, to formulate its yogurt to become the healthiest in the marketplace, and we are excited to share it with Super Dads across the country on us,” says Timothy Casey, CEO of TCBY.

“Like Amazing Moms, Super Dads play a critical role in their children’s lives … whether that’s teaching them how to throw a fastball (one of my modest accomplishments) or inspiring them to excel in school, I am personally excited that our company is able to celebrate the role that Super Dads play, and for the fourth year in a row, offer free frozen yogurt on Father’s Day.” 

Dads will have the choice of their favorite flavors such as popular White Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry, or limited time offer Lemon Dreamsicle served in a cup or cone.

TCBY’s frozen yogurt is made with real dairy and provides the healthy benefits of live active cultures, or probiotics as they are popularly known today. This nutritious treat promotes health benefits including an enhanced immune system, stronger bones and improved digestive health, all while remaining low calorie and fat free. TCBY also offers many gluten free and sugar free options, making it a treat that everyone can enjoy. 

Participating stores may vary.  Contact your local store for details.  Store information and locator can be found at


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