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    Frontline International Caddy System Ups Value, Life of Oil

  • Industry News July 30, 2014

    Frontline International, a provider of Smart Oil Management systems for foodservice operators to better control their fresh and waste oil value, offers a standalone oil filtration unit that can extend the life of cooking oil.

    Frontline’s filtration unit is part of a wheeled Caddy System that is ideal for fryers that lack built-in filtration. With this unit, operators simply wheel the caddy to fryers and run the oil through the filter, extending the life and quality of the oil, and maintaining consistent food quality for longer time periods. Frontline offers three filter media types: carbon media for the lowest possible micron filtration, flanked by more disposable paper media, and reusable stainless steel filter media. Frontline representatives can help advise which is recommended for a specific operation, based on the type and frequency of food fried. Filtered, cleaner oil then goes back into the fryers, increasing the quality and life of the oil, positively affecting profitability.

    The Caddy System, of which the filtering system is a part, is also ideal either for fryers that cannot be directly plumbed to a waste oil containment tank or for operators hoping to inexpensively begin to more safely port oil from fryer to a containment vessel. With the Caddy System, waste cooking oil is filtered into the stainless steel transport caddy, which is wheeled to a remote pump station. The oil is then pumped into a containment tank for storage and eventual collection. A final filtering of waste oil before it is pumped into storage tanks will increase the grade of waste oil, increasing rebates from oil reclamation.

    Using the Caddy System for oil filtration and transport of waste oil can dramatically reduce employee contact with oil, helping minimize risk of spills and accidents. Frontline’s caddies can be used with any commercial fryer and can be configured to work with standard, remote, or even outside waste containment systems. The Frontline Caddy System can be upgraded at any time to a fully automated system, further reducing risk, labor, and costs.

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