Frontline International, a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of cooking oil management services, offers foodservice establishments greater control over their oil management processes—and the heart of the system is its proprietary M3 Data Management system, allowing easy 24/7 online tracking of waste oil.

M3 (Monitor, Measure and Manage) is an available web-based add-on system that works in concert with all of Frontline International’s waste oil management systems. M3 makes it easy to track all statistics concerning your restaurant’s waste oil data across any given time period. The system can be accessed online any time, from any computer, digital tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection.

Using the M3 electronic dashboard, operators can compare statistics daily, weekly, or monthly. They can also track oil usage and filtration, schedule oil pickups, and perform other diagnostics. Alarms can be set to automatically to trigger emails or texts to headquarters, franchisees, oil collection companies, or multiple entities before the waste tank ever reaches the full status. As an added benefit to prevent oil theft, the M3 system allows you to lock the storage tank collection ports remotely via activation of the anti-theft valve, making it impossible for thieves to drain out the stored oil. If problems with tanks ever arise, diagnostic warnings are sent simultaneously to both the operator and Frontline International’s service technicians.

The M3 system was a winner of the prestigious Kitchen Innovations Award from the National Restaurant Association in 2013.

All Frontline International equipment comes with a one-year warranty on both parts and labor, and extended warranties are available. Call today to learn more about their Smart Oil Management systems for fresh and waste cooking oil.

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