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    Frontline’s Heated Grill Does the Dirty Work

  • Industry News January 10, 2014

    Frontline International, a leading provider of Smart Oil Management Systems for waste oil, oil filtration, and fresh oil, offers its Heated Grill Grease Caddy System—compatible with all of its waste oil systems—to complete your Smart Oil Management program. The Heated Grill Grease System allows you to collect your grill grease throughout the day then pump it into any of Frontline’s waste-containment tanks. Solids are filtered via the extra-large sediment basket, preserving the high quality of your oil while protecting the integrity of the equipment’s pump and motor.


    Operation is easy: simply drain used grease into the caddy, close the caddy lid, and secure the lid with the safety latch. When the caddy is plugged into a live outlet, the heating element keeps the grease in its liquid state, preventing coagulation. When the caddy is near full—or at scheduled intervals when the grill is less busy—carefully pull the caddy to the Frontline used-oil storage tank (or pumping station) and easily pump the waste grease into the tank.


    Frontline’s heated caddy features 100 percent heavy stainless steel construction; smooth-rolling, heavy-duty, non-marking casters; an extra-large “crumb catcher” basket; a power switch and “breakaway” power cord; a removable handle and lock-in-place safety cover; plus a quick-disconnection fitting. The hose is suitable for high temperatures, and the motor is 110 V 15A – 250 V 3.5A. The caddy is specially designed to pump five gallons (19 liters) per minute.