Frontline International, a leading provider of Smart Oil Management systems for waste cooking oil, oil filtration, and fresh oil, offers three waste cooking oil management options designed to work for any size chain or single establishment’s waste oil collection and storage needs.

All systems are upgradable at any time as volume needs change; waste oil containment tanks are available in sizes from 350 gallons to 100 gallons, and tanks can be specified for indoor, outdoor, or remote placement. 

Frontline’s waste cooking oil options include fully automated, semi-automated, and manual systems for waste oil to be pumped from the fryer to a Smart Oil Containment Tank.

  • The Direct-Plumbed System (Model 2466SQ-NA) is fully automated and completely hands-free, and thus a clean, safe, labor-saving solution. With the push of a button, the Direct-Plumbed System allows waste oil to travel directly from the fryer to the containment tank.
  • The Waste Oil Pump Station System (Model 2478-NA) is semi-automated and less expensive than the Direct-Plumbed system. A suction wand extracts spent oil from the fryer, which is then pumped to the waste oil containment tank. The Waste Oil Pump Station System is upgradable to the fully automated Direct-Plumbed system.
  • The Caddy System is manual and therefore less expensive than the Waste Oil Pump and Direct-Plumbed systems. The caddy is safer than toting buckets of hot oil and easily pushed from fryer to containment tank, where the waste oil is pumped to the tank. The Caddy System is upgradable to either semi-automated or fully automated systems.


Frontline’s optional Grill Grease System works with all three waste oil systems and is placed directly under the grill to catch cooking grease.

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