Fuku, as a concept, was built off of a juicy thigh meat chicken sando when it opened its first outpost in 2015. After transitioning to a critically acclaimed all-white meat version on October 8, 2020, Fuku hasn’t looked back–until now. 

Re-introducing the Dark Meat Sando, made with crispy habanero-brined chicken thigh, Fuku mayo, and pickles on a Turano potato bun. 

The Dark Meat Sando will make its comeback on Saturday, October 8 at Fuku’s Hudson Yards and Rockefeller Center outposts. To celebrate its return to the dark side, Fuku is slingin’ Dark Meat Sandos at the O.G. price of $8 on launch day ($9 from October 9 onward). 

“We know our most loyal fans have missed the Dark Meat Sando, which was hands down the juiciest and crispiest chicken sando out there,” says Alex Munoz-Suarez, CEO of Fuku. “We couldn’t be more excited to make their wishes come true and bring back the sando that started it all.” 

The Dark Meat Sando will be available in limited quantities in-store, on the Fuku App, and at order.eatfuku.com. 

Fuku started as a secret sandwich at Momofuku Noodle Bar in NYC and has since grown to serve a variety of fried chicken offerings and sides. Over the ensuing years, Fuku has opened storefronts at Hudson Yards and Rockefeller Center in NYC, as well as stadiums, arenas, and ghost kitchens throughout the country.

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