Furious Spoon Ramen Shop is continuing the tradition of inviting community members who might not otherwise have food this Thanksgiving to join them for a free meal. In addition to providing free bowls of ramen to those in need, the shop will also be open to the general public (for those that wish to pay) and will donate any proceeds to a local charity. This year, the ramen shop is offering their ramen at their Pilsen (1316 W 18th St) location. Guests can choose between the Furious ramen, vegetable ramen, or a rice bowl of their choice.

“We love giving back to the community that has been so good to us,” says partner, Anshul Mangal.

Furious Spoon will open at 11 am and offer their Furious ramen and Vegetable ramen, as well as their rice bowls, until 3:30 pm or they run out.

No proof of income will be required.

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