Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill has added a salad option and is displaying calorie counts on menu boards at all store locations. Both additions stem from Garbanzo’s commitment to healthy, fresh, and authentic Mediterranean-style dishes.

Garbanzo Greens is a create-your-own style salad that provides a healthy, filling menu option for only 150-430 calories, depending on topping choice. Three different dressing are available, including Zesty Lemon Vinaigrette, the Garbanzo founder’s family recipe; Greek Vinaigrette; and Creamy Mediterranean Garlic.

“We are very proud to provide our guests with a new salad option and low-calorie choices throughout our entire menu,” says Alon Mor, Garbanzo’s founder. “Because of our dedication to helping our patrons lead healthy lifestyles, we felt it was important to start including calorie information on our menuboards. Providing nutritional content, and the freshest ingredients and menu options possible, is a great way to accomplish our goal. Garbanzo is committed to offering healthy alternatives on our menu now and for years to come.

“While new menu labeling laws have begun to take effect in some states, including California, New York, and Oregon, we are taking the initiative to ensure nutritional transparency,” Mor says. “Being upfront and truthful with our customers while offering fresh, healthy, and authentic items is mission No. 1 at Garbanzo.”

“With the obesity and chronic disease rates rising, it is nice to see a restaurant being proactive by providing their customers with a healthy salad and the nutrient information of their food items,” says registered dietitian and co-owner of On The Menu, LLC, Rebekah Spetnagel, MSS, RD. “Restaurants like Garbanzo that disclose their caloric and nutrient information to the public make it possible for people to eat out and make choices that fit within their dietary needs. I am very impressed by Garbanzo’s healthy initiative, which you do not find in the majority of fast-casual restaurants.”

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