Genghis Grill will open its first brand new location in Hoover, Alabama. The new location will offer residents a chance to "build your own bowl" to their liking from more than 70 fresh ingredients and choose from more than 10 heart healthy recipes. Genghis Grill will offer a new healthy restaurant option in the Hoover area, as well as opening 45 new jobs to the market.

The new Genghis Grill will open in the Chace Landing Shopping Center in Hoover Monday, April 11, with a Saturday and Sunday V.I.P. event to kick off the grand opening.

Operating partner, Frank Barnard, will be leading the Hoover market and has successfully opened three locations in Georgia. Barnard is excited to lead Genghis Grill's 'khanquerings' in the Southwest.

"We are excited to come to the great state of Alabama and the chance to offer fans here a new healthy dine-in option for the community," Barnard says.  

Genghis Grill, the largest mongolian stir fry in the U.S., is well-known for its fresh, hot, and healthy food and for its style of fun service. As an industry leader for healthy dining, it offers a heart healthy dining option along with an array of recipes to choose from KHAN'S KITCHEN (food bar) where one can "build your own bowl" from 14 proteins, 12 seasonings, 30 veggies, 15 sauces, and six starches.


Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, News, Genghis Grill