Genji Spices Up Sushi with Furikake Rolls

    Industry News | March 21, 2013

    Genji Sushi, a premier sushi vendor serving Whole Foods Market nationally, introduces bold, colorful, and flavorful seasonings in a new line of sushi items topped with five distinctly savory spice blends. Genji  is known for its commitment to authentic, fresh, and sustainable Japanese-inspired cuisine, and in the past year, has been expanding the confines of sushi to hone in on customers’ appetite for novelty and excitement. The new line of Furikake Spice Rolls promises to take sushi into unchartered waters.

    Known in Japanese as furikake, which translates roughly as “shaking sprinkles,” these dry toppings or seasonings are usually sprinkled on top of bowls of plain white rice to add flavor, texture, and nutrition to the ubiquitously bland rice bowl. Genji Sushi’s Corporate Executive Chef, Mr. Takao Iinuma, a former protégé of Chef Masaharu Morimoto, and a nutritional development and sustainability expert, envisioned adding these toppings to sushi, giving customers a new way to savor and enjoy the sushi experience. 
    Chef Iinuma has created two new furikake flavors including a Savory Asian Curry Spice Blend (Yellow Spice) and an aromatic blend of parsley, green tea powder, and yuzu citron (Green Spice). In addition, Genji will offer three classic furikake flavors, Yukari, made with fragrant Japanese red shiso leaves (Purple Spice), Shichimi, a fiery red pepper blend (Red Spice), and Salmon flakes (Orange Spice). The spices complement the underlying sushi rolls deliciously and add vibrant, all-natural color to the meal.  All of the spice blends, except for the salmon flakes (Orange Spice), are vegetarian-friendly. 
    Chef Iinuma has paired each of the five innovative toppings with a different Genji Sushi best-selling item, making it easy for customers to experience the spices at their best. Beginning today, Genji will serve all five new Furikake Spice Rolls: the Purple Spice Tuna Avocado Roll, the Orange Spice Salmon Avocado Roll, the Yellow Spice California Roll, the Red Spice Shrimp California Roll, and the Green Spice Veggie Salad Roll.  For those who like variety, two Combo Packs are also being offered in nine piece and 12 piece versions.   Prices range from $7.79-$11.99.
    “I’m excited to offer these new items in our sushi cases and sushi counters at Whole Foods Market. The rolls appeal to all of the senses. The colors add a visual appeal, and the spices add both texture and amazing flavor, which bring a whole new dimension to the sushi,” states Chef Iinuma.
    Customers creating specialty rolls or bowls made to order by the chefs at the Genji counter will also have the opportunity to further customize their creations with any of the five furikake spice blends for an additional 50 cents.
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