Industry News | August 5, 2016

Get a Glimpse at Subway's Brand-New Logo, Branding

Subway's new symbol borrows its iconic arrows for a simpler design. Subway

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Subway, the world’s largest sandwich chain, revealed a bold update to its iconic logo, along with a powerful new symbol. Consumers will catch a glimpse of the new logo in ads airing August 5.

This is the next step in the evolution of the brand following menu enhancements and the launch of Subway Digital earlier this year. The ability to position the Subway brand as a delicious, nutritious, and affordable choice for today’s discerning consumers, and to reach them across all channels, are essential to these changes.

“We are on an exciting journey to meet the changing tastes of our guests,” says Suzanne Greco, president and CEO of Subway restaurants. “The Subway brand is recognized throughout the world, and this new look reinforces our commitment to staying fresh and forward-thinking with a design that is clear and confident without losing sight of our heritage.”

The new logo stands up tall, bold, and confident, capturing the essence of the brand in a fresh, contemporary look. The core colors have been optimized to live and work across all channels. And the symbol, a new asset for the brand, distills the iconic arrows into a powerful and simple mark. Capturing the essence of the brand in a smaller footprint, the arrows symbolize the choices Subway provides its guests.

Two new broadcast spots, “Clean Slate” and “Everyone,” will air August 5 during prime time and across digital channels. The commercials highlight the #SearchforBetter and Subway’s role in that journey.

The new logo and symbol, along with additional visual assets, will roll out to all Subway restaurants, communications, and digital experiences worldwide beginning in early 2017.

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Looks like they are aligning themselves with Wast Management....

Looks like they are aligning themselves with Waste Management....

It is pretty pompous for Subway to think that they are so well known their logo doesn't need the name, as if the arrows in mustard and lime are so iconic of the brand.
And the huge cost involved is just a bad ideal. Lucky for them they are privately held, because if they were publicly traded investors would have hammered the share price.

Subway is the largest fast food brand in the world in terms of locations. They have more restaurants than McDonalds. Plus it's their attempt to distance themselves from Jared. So yeah, I'd say they aren't pompous, it's just time they did it, like every brand.

No matter what they do, it's tough to shake Jared's association with their sandwiches.

Wonder if Subway believes that the logo is holding back market acceptance / expanding of the product line beyond "Subs"?

Following the lead of AT&T, IBM etc...

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